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Emma McPherson, is Founder of The Plant Room. She believes plants have a powerful presence in our lives and helps to ensure they thrive by offering many services from styling to plant maintenance, as well as, beautiful pieces to house, hang and hold your precious plants. She’s a big believer that life is all about ‘growth’ - and that’s exactly what The Plant Room is all about with a thriving creative community fostering curiosity, the spirit of change and the wonders of nature.

When I think about something made by hand it’s a manifestation of that person’s heart, and therefore their soul.
— Emma McPherson

Emma McPherson is the Founder of The Plant Room.

She believes that life is all about evolution, and it’s evident in everything she touches.

A dedicated meditation student and experienced addiction counsellor, a few years back Em launched The Plant Room.  Fundamentally underpinning The Plant Room is that a home is a home when it centres on the life inside its walls - if its occupants are the heart, then handmade items and thriving greenery are the soul.

Quite simply, plants and handmade goods help us feel a connectedness to nature and to one another. We simply can’t live without them. The Plant Room is therefore born from a spirit of growth and a curiosity about the wonders of nature. It fosters connection and community. Above all, The Plant Room is a place for us all to come together and celebrate that life, is evolution.

Vedic meditation is also what rests at the crux of The Plant Room’s existence, and is a daily practice within Em’s life.

Having recently gone through her own evolution with The Plant Room, it is her practice that has ultimately supported her, connecting her to a deeper sense of self and awareness for the need for change.

Em and I sat down to talk about all things life, growth, evolution and change.  

Mentioned in conversation...

The disconnection we experience within our homes and the fundamental importance of creating spaces that support the soul

  • The birth, growth, and evolution of The Plant Room.

  • The fundamental role Vedic meditation plays in supporting Em on the daily.

  • Getting away from it all, and coming back to the freedom of creation.

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