Bundjalung Woman l Delta Kay


Conversation with Delta Kay

Delta Kay is an Arakwal woman from the Byron Bay region, known as Bundjalung Nation. In this episode we were privileged to hear Delta share a deeper understanding of the Australian Aboriginal culture. Together, we discussed the importance of preserving and protecting culture, and the beautiful way that aboriginal people nourish, and are nourished by Country.

I am Country. I belong to her. She is my mother. I don’t own her. She owns me. I’m here to be of service to my mother.... I need to gather people around me to help me do that.
— Delta Kay

We marvel at the world’s ancient wonders and yet, right here, in our own backyard, we have the oldest known civilisation. No, they didn’t build grand momentous stadiums or towering pyramids, what they did, was live for thousands and thousands of years in complete harmony with nature - something we are yet to achieve.

Delta Kay a proud mother, grandmother and Arakwal woman from the Byron Bay region, known as Bundjalung nation.

Delta is so passionate about promoting awareness, understanding and mutual respect between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. She dedicates her time to sharing her culture and ensuring it’s protected.

In this episode, Delta, explains the tradition of ‘Welcome to Country,’ how this is completed and what it means for her. As an Arakwal woman, Delta often carries out the ‘Welcome to Country’ demonstrations for local events and festivals.

She also provides consultation on incorporating protocols into an events so that businesses can be certain that customs and etiquette are adhered to respectfully. In addition to speech ‘Welcome to Country’ can be incorporated as a performance - a story, song, dance, didgeridoo or in a very special circumstances, a smoking ceremony.

Delta works alongside Culture Aware, an association set up to help businesses and organisations avoid appropriation and any unintentional disrespect when recognising and respecting Aboriginal cultures in events and festival introductions.

We hope you enjoy this episode and, like us, recognise that a deeper understanding of the Australian Aboriginal culture is so important for future generations. Not only, will it enrich our own experience in this country but may also help us find a way to better way to live more harmoniously with the environment.

Mentioned in conversation...

  • The traditional way of life for Aboriginal people in the Byron Bay region, known as Bundjalung Nation.

  • The importance of sharing culture and protecting Country.

  • The recent recognition of native title rights of the Bundjalung People of Byron Bay and the significance this holds.

  • Raising cultural awareness on a grass-roots level with local businesses.

  • As a society how can we better protect cultures.

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