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Conversation with Tess Guinery

Tess Guinery is a true artist, designer and poet, as well as, a dedicated wife and mother to three girls, Peaches, Junee and Hopps. She joined us along with her incredible Business Manager, Holly Masters, to discuss creativity, keeping things fluid and truly surrendering to your life purpose. There’s so much to discover in Tess’ dreamy and whimsical world, filled with beautiful inspiring words and sunny rainbows. She takes us through her journey so far, from being brave, taking leaps of faith and embracing a more artistic way of life which her soul was craving.

Purpose - it’s a soul thing, it’s something that’s inside of you. The expression will forever change but the purpose will always stay the same.
— Tess Guinery

There is so much beauty to discover within Tess, we chatted with her and her incredible Business Manager, Holly, in our One Wild Ride studios and it was clear from the moment they walked in, the love and care that they have for one another.

Holly looks after the business side of things so that Tess can be her very brave, wild and creative self. Holly, also the other half of printing company, Morgan Printing, shares her wisdom on working with creatives and the importance we all have in supporting their work wholeheartedly.

Tess has had many brave adventures over the past years… Closing down a thriving design studio and going on a year sabbatical where she dreamt up her very her first book, The Apricot Memoirs. Becoming a mother to twin baby girls and discovering a new found creativity which led to her painting bright sunny rainbows.

Her rainbow paintings were quickly shared and marvelled at around the social worlds and when the purchase requests came flooding in she created a line of canvas artwork, prints, as well as, bed linen with her collaboration with, Dazed and Amazed.

It’s a mix of hustle, rest, repeat for Tess. Together with her stuntman husband, Caleb, their work passions ebb and flow around family life. Tess and the girls often pack up and go with Caleb when he works away, then it’s back to life in their sunny Queensland candy-coloured home where Tess can focus on her next project. They make it work by completely surrendering to the unknown and embracing the uncertainty that comes with project-based work. They’re fiercely determined to remain focused on their true soul purpose while living a beautiful life.

Sure she needs to rest in-between the surges of creativity and the next-level multitasking required with twin babies and a five year old. But there’s no stopping this whimsical and magical lady. There is a lot more beauty to discover in Tess’ dreamy world and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Mentioned in conversation...

  • The 2am wake up call that led Tess to taking a year-long sabbatical

  • The process of saying no to less than her hearts calling and stripping back to soul purpose

  • The fluidity that is essential in her daily creative process

  • The importance of appreciating creative folk and their heart-led creations.

  • The support she receives to hold space for twin babies, a 5 year old and her creative work

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Images courtesy of Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd