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Conversation with Frankie Ratford

Frankie Ratford is an adventurer obsessed with the design world + Founder of The Design Kids. It’s an initiative that aims to bridge the gap between study and work for Graphic Design students trying to get their foot in the door. It has become a HUGE community spread across 33 countries - and Frankie has been hitting every one of them on an epic roadtrip visiting students and studios around the world.

Everything you do is part of your journey, part of your path.
— Frankie Ratford

Frankie Ratford is the Founder of The Design Kids, an online resource and community of over 175,000 Design Students across 33 countries. The Design Kids (TDK) mission is to bridge the gap between studying and working in design, and they’re hitting it out of the ballpark!

Frankie launched TDK in November 2009 (then 26), initially as an online store to give students additional exposure, followed by hosting exhibitions. Soon after, Frankie embarked on an epic roadtrip where she spent six years building a global design community from the ground up. To create this, she physically travelled to each of the 70+ cities, gave talks at universities, ran workshops and personally sat down with over 1,500 Creative Directors from the world's top studios for a cuppa and a chat.

Along the way, Frankie has become one of the world's leading experts on the Graphic Design industry and having recently completed the roadtrip we sat down with her in our Byron Bay studio to hear the whole story.

Mentioned in conversation...

  • Her early love of Design (even when she didn’t know it was a thing).

  • How The Design Kids roadtrip started, and then took her around the world.

  • The highs (and lows) of running a global business and constantly being on the move.

  • The wild passion she has for creating community, and her proudest moments.

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