Too Much.

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The story of too much is more than just our possessions. It’s about too many thoughts, too many demands, too many directions, and too many expectations.

Whether it’s having the latest gadgets, the nicest home, going to all the parties, doing all the work, building the most successful company, we’re feeling the squeeze. And while the triggers for each of these exist externally, it’s internally that we’re disconnected, disorientated, and craving something real.   

We‘re living in a state where our values are getting lost amongst our stuff. Our sense of self is buried in our ‘to do’ lists. The dream for the life we desire is forgotten on the road to ‘success’.

For me, I’ve had years of ‘too much’.

Driven by a combination of wanting more, getting high on growth, a drive deeply rooted in scarcity, and an appetite for caffeine - I’ve built companies, designed my ‘dream life’, and all the while hardly stopped for a breath. As good as this looks on the outside, internally I’ve continued to crave something deeper. And no amount of external achievement will nourish those internal desires. It’s an inside job. A connecting with a deeper sense of self, a deeper sense of community, and a knowingness of what’s best for the world for me to show up as my authentic self.

And so the deeper journey inward beings....

This project, One Wild Ride, is about choosing a different path. Making the choice to reject the norm. To reduce the noise and cultivate a deeper sense of meaning and connection.

This is my One Wild Ride.

It’s about slowing down, finding flow, and reconnecting with the values, ideals, and dreams that bring us true happiness and contentment.

It’s about slowing down, finding flow, and reconnecting with the values, ideals, and dreams that bring us true happiness and contentment.

I’ve decided to share my journey deeper here firstly to keep me accountable, because this feels BIG and I don’t want to shy away (not that that’s my style). Secondly because I have a little hunch that some folks around me are experiencing the longing for a deeper connection that I’m feeling. So it’s in sharing my words here (and over on the gram) that I hope my journey into a deeper sense of connectedness and meaning can support others in their journey way.

For me, happiness isn’t cultivated by meeting an external set of ideals and expectations. It takes courage to say no, but in doing to we released ourselves from an externally crafted set of ideals, and into a place of person freedom. We become proactive participants oblige own lives. Choosing the people, places, and experiences that bring us joy. And that’s what it’s all about right? Because when we start with ourselves the true ripples of change radiate.

As we walk more gently, and release more externally imposed norms and possessions. We enable ourselves to return to our natural way of being. Calm, connected, and caring for ourselves and those around us. It may sound idealistic in a world hell bent on driving the desire to consume, but I promise you it’s the easier path. It just takes a breath, a few moments of clarity, and most importantly the desire to ask the question of how you want to show up in this life.

With all of my being I believe in how deeply connected we are. And that given the opportunity we will all step up to the highest versions of ourselves, for our families, our communities, the world and ourselves. This blog is my contribution to that ideal.