3 Things I Did Today to Feel More Connected.


Seeking connection is both a big and small process.

Sometimes from deep within retreat it can come in waves, but in other times it’s in small daily droplets.  Both hold equal depth and beauty. Along this journey I’m learning to listen for the subtleties.

Here are the little ways I found connection today.

Watered my garden
By garden I actually mean grass. I’ve been so caught up in the Christmas flurry of mince pies and endless house guests that my grass had almost withered away.  Make no mistake, it’s been a hot summer, and while I was cooling myself at the beach my poor grass was left to fend for itself, and had not fared well.

So early in the morning, and then again in the evening I took the time to mindfully water the grass.  To ensure that each patch had a good soaking, and that no single blade was left with any envy of the other. Doing this as the sun was hitting the horizon threw beautiful crimson colours across the field in front of my house.  The air was still cool, and the gently mist of the hose catching me once in a while reminded me how grateful the grass would be for a precious drink.

More and more each day I crave the a connection to more than I can see.

Yep, that ‘ol chestnut. More and more each day I crave the a connection to more than I can see. Recently I committed to 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Rather than feeling like a task, this beautiful ritual supports my being. It allows me to take a breath, become present in my surroundings, and as I gently close my eyes I uncover a world inside of myself that I’ve been missing for too long.

Back in the flow for 2019 I threw down a Masterclass on Conscious Creation with my High-End Hustlers crew.  Whenever I show up to teach any kind of script goes out the window, and I teach from the heart. It always flows in wild and wonderful ways, that I couldn’t premeditate if I tried. Being in service immediately connects me to my tribe, as we share, time, space, ideas and dreams. Creating a little magic along the way bring forth a connection to community like no other.


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