Imposter Syndrome. Yep – it’s Real.


Sitting on a gym floor chatting with the CFO of a publicly listed company, I had no inkling that I was about to have my socks blown off.  It wasn’t the intense CrossFit session we’d just completed, or his rigorous travel schedule he’d just detailed including no less than 17 international flights in one month period. It was when he uttered ‘even my guys at the top ALL suffer from Imposter Syndrome‘.

There it was. The big reveal. Even the guys and gals right at the top are terrified that they’re going to be ‘found out’.

After years of working with startups and small business, I knew Imposter Syndrome was rampant in the entrepreneurial world.  But at the top end of town as well? Really? I needed to do some digging.

Slowly but surely, like a well panned gold field, it was revealed to me over and over again that everyone suffered this ‘fear of being found out’.  Whether they ran a successful company, sat in an executive position, just starting out – or somewhere in between, the feeling remained the same.

The feeling that they don’t quite know enough.
The feeling that at any moment they’d be found out.
The feeling that once the big secret was uncovered that they didn’t deserve the position they held, they’d be cast into a deep dumpster, wheeled away with the nightly trash, and never to be heard from again by any of their loved ones.

Sound familiar? It should.
Here’s the kicker... we’ve all got it

It appears Imposter Syndrome is having a party, and we’re all on the guest list.


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