Drop What No Longer Serves You.


Over the past few years I'd set a word to be my intention for the year. In theory, this word that an internal focus for the state I want to feel more often than not.

Last year, my word was spaciousness.

It was also my word for last year.
And the year before.

Clearly it didn’t happen, so something needed to change.

If they say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, I was certifiably insane.

When I sat down and really thought about why I hadn't achieved the elusive ‘spaciousness’, it was that I continued to add things into my life with the expectation that I’d have less to do.…. Not great logic.

Time for some radical changes.

I decided to crack at the big kahuna first, work.

Being a 37-year-old woman with no children and running my own business, work took up the biggest chunk of my waking, and non-waking hours. New products, new programs, new marketing channels, new members, the list goes on.  Basically, if you’ve been looking for me over the past 10 years you would have found me either working, or thinking about work, or actively clearing my mind to creatively inspire myself for work.

I busily worked away to create a little empire on my terms. Work I was (and still am) extremely passionate about, with the most incredible clients that I was able to call friends. Not only that, but my wee process of conscious creation and allowed my business to relocate myself to Byron Bay bracket {a.k.a. paradise on earth} where I created the studio and community to fulfil my dream.

It was glorious, but it was a hustle.

All I did get clear about my best work, and was willing to let go of the rest.

I was constantly maxing out my psychological bandwidth. With a growing business comes growing responsibilities, growing expenses, and growing expectations {both internally and externally}. Not only that but our market had shifted, and where we were once trailblazers in our space of early-stage entrepreneur education, it was now an insanely busy scene with more cowboys than the wild wild west.  

I had no interest in competing with the noise, it was time for a change.

In a nutshell, it had started to feel misaligned.

Having busted my ass for the best part of a decade to build this little empire I wasn't going to let it go easily. I changed our strategy, our sales funnels, our team, and our offering. Adjusting each turning dial to re-centre our sweet spot. But there were too many dials.  We’d gone wide instead of deep, and this just wasn't my style.

I needed some time out.

With a cheeky week up my sleeve I hot footed it to Western Australia and spent long days hiking, biking, swimming, meditating, and reconnecting.

I came back and cut my business by two thirds.

It happened fast, and before my feet hit my hometown soil, I’d dropped my three programs {the lifeblood of our business} back to one. Expenses were next, and with a virtual red pen I halved them. I also had calls with my team - the both needed to drop their hours. Alignment much?

What I had realised in those few precious days away, was that my greatest impact was working deeply with my tribe.

With this new filter in place, I decided to drop everything else.

Interestingly, as soon as I dialled in the clarity, the universe conspired and collaborated around to bring my new intention into being.

The one mentoring program I had decided to focus on was flooded with applications. Within two weeks of being home I’d 90% filled my capacity, a full three months ahead of schedule. All without a single sales funnel, or email strategy in place. Pretty wild huh?!

Let me repeat, my program filled, without me selling anything.

Just like the, spacious and appeared.

For me, that few days out gave me all the clarity I needed.  I let go of what was no longer serving me, trusted that I’d {somehow} be supported in that decision, and released any resistance to receiving.

So to you dear reader, if you’re feeling the squeeze, I want you to find the courage.  The courage to let go, and the courage to trust. Because on the other side of hustle is alignment and flow.


Olly Barnes